Google Glass & Enterprise Adoption

With Google Glass Mirror API been published, all sorts of ideas have started floating around the internet. One such idea that I have been wondering upon is, how would enterprise adopt the Google glass. That means whether an enterprise would want to buy google glasses for its employees in the same way that some companies have been providing iPads to their employees in current scenario.

There are multiple different reasons which may lead enterprise to adopt the google glass to certain class of employees to start with. Lets take a look at some of the scenarios.

1. Whiteboarding Pictures: As IT organizations have started moving to adoption of Agile SCRUM methodology, whiteboarding has become a common phenomenon. With whiteboarding been used for higher productivity, I have found people taking their cameras or smart phones to capture the picture and share it with distributed team. With google glass, the team lead/scrum mater could actually take quick pictures by saying “ok glass, take a picture” and send it to internal enterprise server or share with the team.

2. Training Videos: One can easily create video for ongoing trainings and share it with multiple teams or get the video stored on enterprise storage server.

Above said, if the enterprise is large enough such as one comprising of 100,000 or more employees, this may lead to advent of Big Data solution adoption at enterprise level sooner than later. That said, Google glass may give further push to Big Data if accepted at enterprises.

Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh Kumar

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