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Convex optimization explained: Concepts & Examples

convex optimization explained with examples

Convex Optimization is one of the most important techniques in the field of mathematical programming, which has many applications. It also has much broader applicability beyond mathematics to disciplines like Machine learning, data science, economics, medicine, and engineering. In this blog post, you will learn about convex optimization concepts and different techniques with the help of examples. What is convex optimization? A convex optimization problem is an optimization problem where you want to find a point that maximizes/minimizes the objective function through iterative computations (typically, iterative linear programming) involving convex functions. The objective function is subjected to equality constraints and inequality constraints. Inequality constraints indicate that the solution should lie …

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Local & Global Minima Explained with Examples

Optimization problems containing many local minima remains a critical problem in a variety of domains, including operations research, informatics, and material design. Efficient global optimization remains a problem of general research interest, with applications to a range of fields including operations design, network analysis, and bioinformatics. Within the fields of chemical physics and material design, efficient global optimization is particularly important for finding low potential energy configurations of isolated groups of atoms (clusters) and periodic systems (crystals). In case of Machine learning (ML) algorithms, theer is a need for optimising (minimising) the cost or loss function. In order to become very good at finding solutions to optimisation problems (relating to minimising …

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