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Top Tutorials – Neural Network Back Propagation Algorithm

neural network back propagation algorithm

Here are the top web pages /videos for learning back propagation algorithm¬†used to compute the gradients in neural network. I will update this page with more tutorials as I do further deep dive on back propagation algorithm. For beginners or expert level data scientists / machine learning enthusiasts, these tutorials will prove to be very helpful. Before going ahead and understanding back propagation algorithm from different pages, lets quickly understand the key components of neural network algorithm: Feed forward algorithm: Feed forward algorithm represents the aspect of how input signals travel through different neurons present in different layers in form of weighted sums and activations, and, result in output / …

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Top 8 Neural Networks and Deep Learning Tutorials

Neural networks tutorials

Here is a list of top 8 neural networks tutorials (web pages) for getting started on neural networks and deep learning. Introduction to Deep Neural Networks Neural Networks and Deep Learning: Free online book to learn concepts related with neural networks and deep learning. Very good for beginners. Concepts explained using Handwritten digits. The book is authored by Michael Nielsen. Neural Networks: The page explains and demonstrates various types of neural networks along with applications of neural networks like ANNs in medicine. Coursera Course on Neural Networks for Machine Learning: This can be used to learn fundamentals related with artificial neural networks and how they’re being used for machine learning, …

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