Interns – Machine Learning Interview Questions with Answers – Set 1


This page lists down first set of machine learning interview questions and answers for interns / freshers / beginners. If you are an intern or a fresher or a beginner in machine learning field, and, you are looking for some practice tests before appearing for your upcoming machine learning interview, these practice tests would prove to be very useful and handy.

Machine Learning topics covered in Test

In this set, some of the following topics have been covered:

  • Machine learning fundamentals (Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms)
  • Different types of machine learning problems and related algorithms with examples
  • Concepts related with regression, classification and clustering

Practice Test (Questions and Answers)

How much marks a strudent can get in a competitive exam based on hours of study and other related factors can be solved using _________ regression model

The requirement related with grouping news in different classes can be solved using which of the following?

Whether a person is suffering from a disease can be solved using which of the following?

Linear regression analysis helps in studying __________ relationship between variables.

Classification problem falls under which category?

Logistic regression is used to predict _________ valued output?

Logistic regression algorithm can be termed as which of the following?

Regression analysis helps in doing which of the following?

In _________ regression, there is ________ dependent variable and ________ independent variable(s)

Linear or multilinear regression helps in predicting _______

In _________ regression, there is ________ dependent variable and ________ independent variable(s)

Best fit line for linear regression is also termed as _______

________ regression can be termed as a special case of _________ regression when the outcome variable is categorical

Which of the following can be used to solve both classification and regression (numeric) problem?

K-Means algorithm belongs to which class of problems?

Which of the following is an ensemble technique?

Which of the following can be used for both classification and regression?

Useful links for Brush-up

Following is the list of some good links for brushing up machine learning concepts:

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Ajitesh Kumar

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