Top 5 Characteristics of a Great Fresher Developer

While handling various different teams of freshers in my career so far, following are top 5 characteristics I have come across in what I call as “great freshers developers“:

  1. Hard Work: When starting their career, developers need to put extra time in learning new things, and experiment with them. In addition to that, they need to catch up a lot on good practices of writing a software of good quality as no one would accept the software of compromised quality on the grounds that developer is a fresher.
  2. Patience: This is a virtue which most of the freshers lack. All of them are looking forward to start working on a project from day one. I came across many freshers who were pissed off when put on a testing project. The reason being the fact that they wanted to start developing from day one without knowing various nuances of coding. And, those who went with the flow have excelled later in the career. Thus, patience is one of the virtue which is a must have for every freshers’ developers.
  3. Learn-ability: A fresher developer with a high learn-ability and an open mind to be ready to learn suggested topics go a long way in building the trust with their managers and thereby making sure that he is put on a real-time project sooner than later. I have seen most of the developers fixated with the idea of learning a specific technology and showing their displeasure if asked to work in a different technologies.
  4. Attitude: Well, attitude is a a characteristic which is observed by many managers. If asked to work upon a technology or a project which a fresher do not like, and fresher showing displeasure in several ways, the manager quickly come to a conclusion that the developer has an attitude problem. This may end up creating problems for freshers in landing up in a good project sooner than later.
  5. Team player: A fresher developer who is a team player can be loved by many senior developers and thus, get a lot of help from them. This helps these freshers to start learning things very fast and get ready to work on a real time project.

Would love to hear if you have any additional characteristics to add to above.

Ajitesh Kumar

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