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Google Technical Writing Course – Cheat Sheet


In this post, you will quickly learn about key learning from free course on Technical writing by Google. Define new or unfamiliar terms: When writing or editing, learn to recognize terms that might be unfamiliar to some or all of your target audience. If the term already exists, link to a good existing explanation. In case your document is introducing the term, define the term properly. Use acronyms properly: On the initial use of an unfamiliar acronym within a document or a section, spell out the full term, and then put the acronym in parentheses. Active voice vs Passive voice: Prefer active voice to the passive voice Clear Sentences Choose strong verbs …

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Why JSFiddle is a Great Tool for Web Technologies Blogger

jsfiddle for blogging

This article describes reasons on why jsfiddle could prove to be a great tool for Web Technologies Blogger. I have been doing active blogging on Web technologies including HTML/JS/CSS. After coming across JSFiddle and playing with it for a while, I believe JSFiddle could serve as a great productivity tool for blogging on web technologies. I have listed some of the reasons below. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.   Following are the key reasons explained later in this article: Allow users to play with your code Get rid of Boilerplate HTML/JS/CSS Code Easy to embed in …

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5 Reasons Why Developers Should Consider Maintaining Their Blog

What Developers feel about Blogging

Ask a developer to write a blog and this is what his reaction may look like: :-). However, based on my personal experience, I must say that blogging at regular intervals helps the developer become a better developer, although one may need to spend a bit extra time for planning and writing blogs. However, it is worth it.  This is why I suggest my colleagues and junior developers working in my team to consider writing their blogs. Do read it further and let me know what you think. Thanks for reading it further.   Some of the reasons why developers avoid writing in general, and writing blogs in particular are …

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How a Content and Digital Marketing Guy Can Change the Game?

Digital Media Marketing Strategy for Small to Mid-size Companies

Most of the small to mid-size companies are competing in the common technologies space such as Java/JEE, .NET and open source technology stack wherein they do not have much unique to offer. And, this creates tremendous pressure on the sales team to perform and sign on new customers in order to remain sustainable and profitable. And, the common techniques used by sales team to reach out to customer includes emails and cold calls. This methodology, however, does not prove that effective given every companies’ sales team adopt same set of techniques. This puts pressure on sales team as well as senior management teams to find out USPs that they have to …

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