Why JSFiddle is a Great Tool for Web Technologies Blogger

jsfiddle for blogging
This article describes reasons on why jsfiddle could prove to be a great tool for Web Technologies Blogger. I have been doing active blogging on Web technologies including HTML/JS/CSS. After coming across JSFiddle and playing with it for a while, I believe JSFiddle could serve as a great productivity tool for blogging on web technologies. I have listed some of the reasons below. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.


Following are the key reasons explained later in this article:

  • Allow users to play with your code
  • Get rid of Boilerplate HTML/JS/CSS Code
  • Easy to embed in the blog
  • Easy to share on social media
  • Available anytime, anywhere
  • Ease of Reference
  • Code Quality Check using JSHint
  • One click formatting


Allow users to play with your code

I have written several blog consisting code samples including HTML/CSS/Javascript code. However, I always wanted that the reader could tweak the code for themselves and learn different aspects. This is where JSFiddle helps. By sharing what they term as “fiddle”, end user could get hold of the code and tweak the same online, on-demand to learn different aspects.


Get rid of Boilerplate HTML/JS/CSS Code

While preparing code for doing demos or presenting code samples, I had to write (cut/copy/paste) boilerplate code related with including JS/CSS/HTML. With JSFiddle, I could quickly get started and present only relevant code samples on my blog, thereby, getting rid of boilerplate code. This makes it easier and faster for me to come up with code samples and related blog.


Easy to embed in the blog

This is one cool feature that a blogger could use to display HTML/CSS/JS code along with result in his blog. JSFiddle allow the usage of “iframe” for embedding the code samples in any page.


Easy to share on social media

One could share the code written with JSFiddle on various social media as they present a share-able hyperlink for each “fiddle”.


Available anytime, anywhere

This is another cool feature for the blogger. I have been working on code samples from different desktops/laptops at my office and home and felt constraint with the fact that I had to take the code to different devices for me to continue my work. This is where JSFiddle comes very handy. You have the code with you anytime, anywhere and you are ready to continue your work on your blog.


Ease of Reference

At times, you require to use one or more piece of code from existing programs in your new program. Since everything is online with JSFiddle, it becomes so very easy to refer.


Code Quality Check using JSHint

Once you are done with your coding, you could quickly check with “JSHint” to see the code quality of Javascript. It would help you present quality code on your blog.


One click formatting

After you are done with coding, JSFiddle let you do one-click formatting of code in all windows (JS/CSS/HTML). This is quite helpful when presenting code on your blog.


Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh Kumar

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