My All-Time Web Application Security Favorites


Following are my all time favorites web pages I frequently visit for remaining up-to-date with web application security:

Website I frequently visit to check out videos, presentations, Books etc.

Website about building security in maturity model

Website representing Web Application Security Consortium that publishes technical information, contributed articles, security guidelines, and other useful documentation. Businesses, educational institutions, governments, application developers, security professionals, and software vendors all over the world utilize their materials to assist with the challenges presented by web application security.

  1. Books: List of web application security books you would want to keep handy
  2. Web Application Security Interview Questions: List of some interesting web security interesting questions
Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh has been recently working in the area of AI and machine learning. Currently, his research area includes Safe & Quality AI. In addition, he is also passionate about various different technologies including programming languages such as Java/JEE, Javascript and technologies such as Blockchain, mobile computing, cloud-native technologies, application security, cloud computing platforms, big data etc.

He has also authored the book, Building Web Apps with Spring 5 and Angular.
Ajitesh Kumar

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