Machine Learning – Top 5 Video Channels for Regression Models

This article represents top 5 video channels that one could use to learn and become expert at regression models.  I make visits to watch these videos, once in a while, to clarify my doubts in relation with regression models. As I find these pages very useful, I thought it to share with you all. These are some real good videos from learning perspective that could help you get started with regression models and get a good hang of it within no time. Please feel free to share it with your community. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention any other great video channels. Also, sorry for the typos.


What’s Needed to be Learnt to become Expert @ Creating Regression Models

Following are some of the topics thats required to be learnt to work with regression models:

  • Concepts related with Linear, Multi-variate linear regression, Polynomial regression
  • Probability distributions such as Normal, Z, T, F
  • Hypothesis testing concepts
  • Plots
  • Statistics quantitative measures such as mean, median, mode, quantiles, variance, standard deviation

All of the above concepts could be learnt from one of the video channels listed below.


Top 5 video channels for Regression Models

Following are the top 5 video channels:

  • Brandon Foltz: Out of all the channels, the videos posted by Brandon Foltz is my personal favorite. Brandon has presented the concepts in such a detailed manner that I am really grateful to find his videos. One starting on regression model should be able to learn all of the requisite concepts such as following:
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Probability distributions
    • Simple linear, Multi-variate regression models

    Following is one of the video from this video channels:

    I would highly recommend the regression videos for those who are planning to start and can term themselves as beginners.

  • JBStatistics A great video channel in general for someone looking to gather understanding on statistics fundamentals to be able to sail through regression model concepts. One could also visit jbStatistics website and learn the above mentioned concepts in a structured manner. As like Brandon Foltz videos, one could also learn all of the above meantion concepts using one of the videos posted under jbStatistics channel. Following could be the starting video for regression model:
  • StatisticsFun: Videos (playlist) on linear regression can be found with this link. There are some real nice videos posted on several topics including those based on pre-requisite concepts such as probability distributions, hypothesis testing etc along with regression models.  One could get started with simple linear regression model using following video:
  • ZedStatistics: There are a couple of good videos on regression model including the one explaining about SST, SSR, SSE, error term. Following video is one of them:
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy videos are one of the BEST videos to learn any and every topic. I often check out videos on regression related concepts from Khan Academy videos. In regression videos, they have discussed following topics in detail:
    • Scatter plots
    • Linear regression and correlation


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