LLMs & Semantic Search Course by Andrew NG, Cohere & Partners

large language models with semantic search

Andrew Ng, a renowned name in the world of deep learning and AI, has joined forces with Cohere, a pioneer in natural language processing technologies. Alongside him are Jay Alammar, a well-known educator and visualizer of machine learning concepts, and Serrano Academy, an esteemed institution dedicated to AI research and education. Together, they have launched an insightful course titled “Large Language Models with Semantic Search.” This collaboration represents a fusion of expertise aimed at addressing the growing needs of semantic search in various applications.

In an era where keyword search has dominated the search landscape, the need for more sophisticated, content-aware search capabilities is becoming increasingly evident. Content-rich platforms like news media sites and online shopping portals require a more nuanced approach to search. This course on integrating Large Language Models (LLMs) into search systems addresses this pressing need.

Semantic Search in Modern Applications

  • The Importance of Search: Retrieving documents or products in response to user queries has become a vital aspect of many applications, from e-commerce to academic research.
  • The Role of Large Language Models (LLMs): LLMs, with their capabilities to understand and process language, can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of search functions.

Course Highlights

  • Introduction to LLMs and Search: Understand the limitations of traditional keyword search and explore how incorporating LLMs can revolutionize the search experience.
  • Embeddings: Learn how to leverage embeddings to gather loosely related documents to a specific query, expanding the scope of related information.
  • Dense Retrieval Through Embeddings: Explore the concept of dense retrieval, using embeddings to understand the semantic meaning of text. This leads to vastly improved search results compared to traditional keyword search.
  • LLM-Assisted Re-ranking: Understand how to utilize LLMs for precise re-ranking, ensuring that the most relevant documents are presented.
  • Code Implementation: Hands-on code tutorials guide you in building a complete search system for working with vast amounts of data, overcoming common challenges in search results and accuracy.

Real-World Applications

  • Enhanced User Experience: Enable users to ask questions and find information more effortlessly by employing LLMs, making content-rich websites more user-friendly.
  • Relevance and Efficiency: Implement techniques like dense retrieval and reranking to make searches faster, more effective, and aligned with user intent.
  • Enhanced Business Operations: Businesses can apply these concepts to improve product discovery, creating a more personalized user experience.
  • Streamlined Research Process: Researchers and academics can harness the power of LLMs to locate relevant articles and papers, making the research process more efficient.

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