List of Facebook Opensource Projects


This page lists down high level summary of facebook open-source projects in the field of web and mobile technologies along with links for relevant pages. This information is intended to be useful and helpful for mobile and web (Javascript) developers.

Facebook Open-source Projects

Facebook has open-source projects in some of the following areas:

  • Android (React Native, redex, buck, rebound, makeitopen, Fresco, Stetho, Infer)
  • iOS (React Native, pop, Shimmer for iOS, buck, ComponentKit, FBMemoryProfiler, FBRetainCycleDetector, FBAllocationTracker)
  • Web (React, HHVM, Parse Server, flow, Nuclide, Flux, rebound, huxley)
  • Backend (HHVM, Parse Server, presto, GraphQL, osquery, rocksdb, haxl, parse-dashboard)
  • Hardware (fboss, fbtftp)

Pages / Links for Facebook projects

Here are some links where you could get details on above projects:

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