List of Application Security Forums/Groups You Would Want to Frequently Visit

Exploring security forums

If you have been looking out to explore (as depicted by diagram below:-) various different application security forums to keep yourself updated with latest application security discussions, following is the list of security forums you may want to visit frequently and get yourself involved to remain up-to-date with application security:

Lets explore forums

Lets explore application security forums:-)

Online Forums

  1. Very active & popular forum, this is primarily a place for Java developers to discuss on security topics related with Java.
  2. Not very active though, however, this is a place for information security professional who are more interested in discussion topics related with some of the following:
    • Ethical hacking & penetration testing
    • Digital forensics
    • Cryptography and PKI systems
    • Malwares
    • Information security management
    • Web application security
  3. Not a very active forum.
  4. Very active and popular forum, this is a place for software developers in general. It covers topics such as following:
    • Cryptography theory
    • Computer forensics tools & techniques
    • Security related software
  5. Decently active forum, this is a place for software developers, in general. It has discussion threads on OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, XSS etc.
  6. A very active and popular question and answers (Q&A) website for software developers


Linkedin Groups

Following is a list of application security linkedin groups that consists of active discussions on ongoing basis:

  1. Application Security (AppSec): This groups consists of 4881 members at this point.
  2. Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Discussion Forum (24289 members at this point)
  3. Information Security Community (190553 members at this point). This one is one of the largest linkedin groups on information security.


Google Groups

Following is a list of application security google groups that consists of active discussions on ongoing basis:

  1. Technical – Application Security
  2. OWASP ZAP User Group
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