LinkedIn Application Architecture – Software Distribution View

The article lists down the softwares used at different layers in the LinkedIn platform layered architecture.

Presentation Layer
Business Layer
  • Java (Applications such as Profile)
  • Grails (Applications such as a Recruiter app)
  • JRuby (Applications such as a Skills app)
  • Spring (Component Model)
  • Scala
  • Apache Kafka (Distributed entreprise-level messaging system)
Data Layer
  • Oracle (RDBMS as primary data store used for writes)
  • Espresso (NoSQL data store emerging as primary data store and envisioned to replace Oracle)
  • Voldemart (NoSQL data store serving many Read-only pages)
  • Zoie (Lucene) 
  • Bobo (Lucene)
  • MySQL
  • Databus (Change data capture system)
  • Hadoop (Map-Reduce)
Cross-cutting concerns
  • Apache Helix (Clustering management)
Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh Kumar

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