Google Maps Embed API to Benefit Local Search Engines & Others

The article explores newly launched Google Maps Embed API and talks about the benefit to end users and, some of the business benefits to local search engines.

Few days back, Google launched its new Google Maps Embed API using which any business could easily embed google maps in relation with their locations with simple & easy embeddable HTML snippets. Following is how the HTML snippets look like:

frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″

Lets look at the API parameters (in bold) above:

  • place: Actually, “place” is used for the parameter {mode}. Other values for {mode} could be directions, search, and view. Read for details on different types for mode on this page.
  • key: Businesses would have to acquire key by visiting the API console at
  • q: the parameter q will hold the address with space replaced with ‘+’ sign
  • Then, there are certain optional parameters which could be accessed on this page.

With as simple HTML snippet code as above, following would be embedded map:

space needle

fig: space needle address with “Save”


So, How could it benefit the end users like me?

In above diagram, what you see is a star marks with “Save”. Thus, while you are browsing the websites on any device such as desktop while at work, and come across webpages with maps like the above, if you click “Save”, the address is stored on your Google Maps app on your mobile device.

I just tested it by accessing the location Guggenheim and amazingly found the same on my Maps app on my android phone with “star” marks.  This can, thus, become so useful as I could browse the locations while at work and, plan my day with just one click on the maps. Later, I could access all of the locations very easily in Google Maps app on my mobile phone. This is very useful as I am no more required to remember the locations and again searching it in the map on my mobile device. Isn’t it very cool?

And, How could it benefit businesses like Local Search Engines?

Local Search Engines could use these HTML snippets for all of the locations and allow users to plan their day by browsing and saving the relevant locations that appeared in the search result, on to the google maps app which could be used later while spending the day. 

I just searched one of the location on on my desktop and, went to a restaurant where address also consisted of Google Maps Icon. While accessing the location on google map, I was able to imagine the benefit if I would have been able to “Save” and later access this location from my mobile phone. No more hassles of noting the address and the searching it later on mobile device.

Won’t it be a useful feature for the users of websites like








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