List of Developers Sites from Top 5 Social Networking Websites

The article represents information on developers sites/blogs from top 5 social networking websites.

Blog: There are different blogs maintained for different google products. However, one could checkout for latest overall updates.

The developer site acts more like a portal wherein the visitor gets access to some of the following:

  • News feed from different Google developers blogs/pages related with different Google products
  • APIs & technologies
  • Developers tools such as API console, OAuth playground (interesting), project hosting ( etc
  • Various different developer programs
  • Links to important Google products
  • Feeds from . This one is pretty interesting as it shows the live streaming event happening on different google products or information around upcoming events.

My personal favorite to keep myself updated on news in relation with Google products.


Unlike Google Developers site which acts like a “Portal”, the Twitter developer site primarily highlights one or more Twitter products and feeds from twitter developer blog.


Similar to Twitter, Facebook developers’ site represents one or more Facebook products & web plugins and, shows up feeds from Facebook developers blog.


Similar to Twitter and Facebook, Linkedin developers site also talks about their products, and represents feeds from LinkedIn blog.


Similar to other developers sites, the site presents information on different products along with documentation. Interestingly, I could not find feeds from Pinterest blog.


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Ajitesh Kumar

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