Design Tips for Developers to Secure Cloud Applications

If you are a developer working on one or more cloud applications and want to know design and coding tips to make sure that you take care of appropriate security concerns, following represents  some of the important areas to consider:

  • Data Design: Data design is one of the key areas of concerns when one is developing cloud applications. This is primarily because cloud service model such as SAAS (Software-as-a-service) allows data related with different customers to be hosted on same database server. And, if data model, primarily related with multi-tenancy, is not designed in the nice manner, there are high possibilities of data breach wherein the attacker could get access to data related with several clients. In addition to that, if data design does not include aspects of data encryption, the data loss due to various reasons could lead to the attackers get access to the entire database representing data of several clients. Following are some of the key aspects in relation with security, one would want to consider while doing design and coding:
    • Multi-tenant Data Design
    • Encryption

  • Authentication & Access Control Techniques
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Oauth-supported APIs 
  • Secured API Access


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