Angular – Best Practices to Capture User Inputs


This blog represents a list of recommendations for capturing user inputs from a form in an Angular app.

  • One should make use of template reference variable instead of the $event object to refer to the input element in order to capture user inputs from forms. Following represents the usage of template reference variable.
    <input #fullname (keyup)="setName(fullname.value)"/>

    The following represents usage of $event object (not recommended):

    <input (keyup)="setName($event)"/>
  • When using the template reference variable, the “value” should be passed rather than passing elements. The following represents usage of passing by value:
    <input #fullname (keyup)="setName(fullname.value)"/>
  • Keep template statements simple. The following represents two statements on keyup event, one to pass the value and second to clear the field.
    <input #fullname (keyup)="setName(fullname.value); fullname='' "/>

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