Top 5 Blockchain Technology Online Courses

blockchain technology courses

This is a list of top 5 blockchain technology courses which can be used for training yourself online. My Favorite one is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies course on from Arvind Narayana, Assistant professor in Princeton University. All these courses are well suited for beginners. Thus, if you are planning for reskilling yourself in Blockchain technologies, go ahead and try one of these courses. Please feel free to suggest one or more courses if I missed to mention them.

  • Blockchain for Business: An Introduction to Hyperledger Technologies
    A primer to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. One can learn how to start building permissioned Blockchain applications for their enterprises/business. Following are some of the topics covered in this course:

    • Description of Business Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)
    • Introduction to different Hyperledger projects such as Hyperledger Fabric, Sawtooth etc leveraging DLT
    • Sample applications
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
    Bitcoin has been the most fundamental blockchain based on which related blockchain technologies have evolved. Thus, in order to get a good grip on Blockchain technologies in general, it is key to understand what is Bitcoin, and how it works. How and why Bitcoins are secure?This course has been created Arvind Narayanan from Princeton University. More details can be found on page, Arvind Narayanan – Princeton. The following are some other research areas by Prof. Arvind Narayanan:

    • Web Privacy
    • Big data: anonymity, privacy, ethics
  • Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
    This is one of the top rated courses on Udemy. At this point, this is available at a great discounted price with a top rating of 4.7. This is a video course covering some of the following areas:

    • Blockchain technology fundamentals
    • Bitcoin fundamentals
    • Key concepts in relation with Blockchain and Bitcoin
  • Blockchain Basics
    This course is available on In this introductory-level course, you will learn what blockchain is and what it might mean to you. This is primarily meant for Blockchain beginners.
  • The Basics of Blockchain
    This course is available at a very discounted rate on Udemy. Following are some of the topics you would learn:

    • Blockchain technology fundamentals
    • Impact of Blockchain on business and industry
    • Blockchain usecases
    • Create blockchain strategy

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