15+ AI Startups for Cancer Prediction / Treatment

AI Startup for Cancer treatment

This is a list of 15+ startups using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for cancer/oncology prediction / treatment. Please feel free to suggest if any piece of information given below is incorrect or incomplete. This page will be updated from time-to-time.

Startup Name Field of Interest Startup Brief
OuroTech Cancer treatment Help doctors identify in advance which drugs are most likely to have the biggest impact killing a type of cancer.
Doctor Hazel Skin Cancer Helps predict whether you are having from Skin cancer
Color Genomics Genetic testing Focus on testing for mutations leading to a higher risk of certain cancers.
Mendel.ai Clinical trials AI to match cancer patients with the latest clinical trials
Grail Cancer detection Early detection of cancer; Developing technology to solve late stage cancer
Oncostem Cancer diagnosis Development of innovative ‘multimarker prognostic and predictive tests’
Niramai Health Analytix Breast Cancer AI-powered breast cancer screening solution
BERG Health AI-based Interrogative Biology platform Platform combines patient biology and artificial intelligence-based analytics to engage the differences between healthy and disease environments. BERG has a robust product portfolio in oncology, endocrinology and neurology
Curemetrix Breast Cancer AI-based image analysis platform to enhance a radiologist’s ability to quickly identify key regions of interest on a mammogram, accurately characterize lesions as suspicious or verifiably benign and understand the factors that drive these findings.
Cyrcadia Breast Cancer Early detection for breast cancer
Enlitic Cancer Screening Deep learning diagnostic solutions for cancer screening
Freenome Cancer screening/detection and treatment Early detection and prevention of Cancer
OncoraMedical Radiation oncology Precision radiation oncology – predictive analytics for personalized treatment
Pathway Genomics Cancer detection Delivers personalized wellness insights to the user based on Pathway Genomics’ proprietary analytics of the findings from the genetic test and other user data combined with Watson cognitive computing technology, intelligent machine learning etc
AIndra Cervical Cancer AI powered Cervical Cancer Detection System to facilitate early diagnosis
Proscia Cancer detection Analysis of biopsy slides and medical images, with a primary focus on oncology
SkinVision Skin Cancer Skin cancer detection using images submitted by patients using Smartphone camera
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