Weekly Roundup – Machine Learning & Statistics Bookmarks – 02 Feb 2015

This article represents links to some of cool pages on machine learning & statistics that I thought worth sharing. Please feel free to comment/suggest any other webpages that found to be good. Sorry for the typos.
Machine Learning & Statistics Bookmarks
  • Andrew NG: One starting to learn machine learning is sure to come across course, paper, or a web page related with Andrew NG, an Associate Professor at Stanford; Chief Scientist of Baidu; and Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera. Some of the pages sighting his work are following:
  • Andrew W. Moore: Great set of tutorials by Andrew D. More, who is Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. You would also find several of his papers on this page consisting of papers information. All of these papers are available for free and great reads, I would say.
  • Mathworks Statistics Page: This Mathworks page lists down good tutorials on different concepts related with statistics, & machine learning.
  • Edwin Chen: Data scientist from Twitter, Edwen Chen has shared his experience in form of some great articles on different applications of machine learning. One that I loved instantly is his page on Quick introduction to ggplot2
  • R-tutor.com: Great website for R programmers, I am a regular visitor of R-tutor. Worth a bookmark. The page on Elementary statistics consists of links to several pages related with concepts on Statistics. I would highly recommend to a R programming beginner.
  • StatTrek.com: If one is looking for some good articles on fundamentals of probability and statistics, Stattrek.com is the place to go. I really liked tutorials presented on fundamentals related with probability distributions. Actually, it has become one of my regular-to-visit website for quick reference.


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