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This page represents some of the following in relation with Uber Data Science / Machine Learning interview questions:

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  • Data Science challenge
  • Machine learning problems

These questions / problems etc have been gathered from different websites and blogs including Glassdoor, Github, Blogs etc.

Data Science / Machine Learning Interview Questions

  • Uber’s surge pricing algorithm including optimization techniques which can be used. Here is a great write up on The secrets of Uber’s mysterious surge pricing algorithm, revealed
  • How would you find / investigate an anomaly in a distribution?
  • What are different Time Series forecasting techniques?
  • Explain Principle Component Analysis (PCA) with equations?
  • How would you go about solving Multicollinearity?
  • What algorithms would you use to solve Uber driver accepting a ride request? How would you evaluate the results?
  • Questions related with probability and statistics fundamentals
  • Customer / Rider retention problem (Here is a great page on Customer / Rider retention

Data Science Challenge Questions

Here are some good links for helping you prepare for Uber Data Science / Machine Learning challenge questions:

Machine Learning Problems

You may also want to spend some time thinking through some of the following problems. The details in relation with some of the following can be found on this page, Uber Data Scientist

  • Marketplace optimization
  • Real-time marketplace forecasting
  • Product analytics
  • Surge pricing problem
  • Customer retention problem
  • Uber driving a rider request

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