How-to Tutorials for Spring Security OAuth2 & REST API

spring security oauth2 and rest api

In this post, I have listed down some of the top pages which I came across while doing exploring implementation for Spring Security OAuth2 for REST APIs based apps. This page will be updated with good links in time.

  • Secure a Spring Boot REST API With JSON Web Token + Reference to Angular Integration
    • This one is very helpful (by-far-the-best) for developers doing Angular App on the client side and Spring Boot app on the server side. Really a great step-by-step tutorial. Kudos to Author, Nouhoun Y. Diarra. Covers some of the following topics. Github project can be found on this page.
      • Configure spring security
      • Configure authorization server
      • Configure resource server
      • Configure data source
      • Provide scripts for database
      • Provides a sample Controller (RestController)
      • Provides instructions for running/testing the app
    • For those working with latest Spring framework and Spring boot, you may notice that SHAPasswordEncoder is no more supported as demonstrated in this article. Thus, you may have to use password encoder such as BcryptPasswordEncoder. You have to make changes such as some of the following:
      • Generate client-secret using BcryptPasswordEncoder and update file.
      • Update file to use BcryptPasswordEncoder by using code such as new BCryptPasswordEncoder().  If you want to get access to the updated file, I have a private Github project created with MySQL database. Please feel free to reach out and I would share the code.
  • Oauth2 Stateless Authentication with Spring and JWT Token
    • A GitHub project with simple and great code for implementing JWT Token with Spring Security OAuth2. Provides source code for Security implementation, controllers, services etc. Great read.
  • Spring Boot – Maven – OAuth2 – JWT – MySql
    • A Github project explaining Spring security Oauth2 and JWT implementation
  • Spring Security OAuth2 Implementation – BaelDung
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