Top 5 Interview Questions for Mobile Hybrid Apps Developer

This article represents top 5 most commonly asked interview questions for mobile hybrid apps developers. Please feel free to comment/suggest if you think of another most commonly asked interview questions in relation with hybrid apps development. Also, sorry for the typos.


Top 5 Interview Questions for Mobile App Developers
  • What are hybrid mobile apps?
    Ans: A detailed answer could be found here
  • How are hybrid apps different from building native apps and mobile websites?
    Ans: Detailed answer could be found on this page.
  • Why build native apps, when hybrid apps development frameworks are there?
    Ans: Some of the following could not be achieved effectively using web frameworks:

    • Access to platform-specific UI components, like maps, date pickers, switches, and navigation stacks.
    • Native mobile gesture recognizers
    • Complex and sophisticated threading models that help parallelize work onto multiple threads.
  • What are some of the disadvantages of building native apps?

    • Even a small change needs a recompile that slows up the developers. This become a nightmare when the codebase is very large.
    • Testing new functionality is cumbersome.
    • Calls between native and interpreted environment could end up blocking UI thread.
  • Give some examples of Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks?

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