Top 5 Google Glasswares Architecture Principles

If you are planning to get into google glasswares development, following is the list of top five architecture principles that should be kept in mind:

1. High Usability: With google glass device in the presentation layer, and owing to smaller display area of the timeline cards on the device, it is of utmost importance to plan content (texts/images/videos) including menu items to be displayed in the simpler form on timeline cards. The most simplest of them all is to have simple texts. However, the requirements may not be that simple and need for menus can always arise. To properly design content and menu for ease of navigation takes primary seat. This is because the timeline cards (on the device) comes in the way of eye. And, the chances of glasswares to be not accepted culd purely be poor usability. Simplicity is the key when designing timeline card to be displayed on the device.

2. High Performance Efficiency: If the content us usable, but loading slow, these glasswares would soon be shelved. Thus, glasswares design and underlying infrastructure shall be architected to support the high load in order to display fast on timeline cards. One of the underlying principle is to design around synchronous & asynchronous messaging appropriately.

3. High Reliability: This is also very key to the glassware designs. The glasswares should fail gracefully if at all, it has to. At the time of timeouts, or performance issues, the glasswares should fail in a gracious manner thereby showing nice & consistent message to the end user. In addition, the state of user’s glass as well as glassware should remain consistent in teh time of failure.

4. High Security: This is also one of the key architecture principles that need to be emphasized on owing to the fact users data are captured very fast using device and can be sensitive when shared with those who are not authorized or supposed to see. This is also one of the policies ( ) for glasswares development specified on google glass website.

5. High Availability: For glasswares to be used in effective manner, it is also very important that glasswares remain highly available (99.99%). Thus, the underlying infrastructure should be architected in appropriate manner to handle the high load.

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