They confuse between Module & Component

Ask software developers about what do they mean by a module and a component and, what is the difference between them?

Ask them about how would they represent module or a component in their daily development activities?

Most of the time the answer is quite confusing. Although they use these two words interchangeably, they remain confused on their actual meanings.

Module can be defined as following:

  • Represents a functionality
  • Can be represented as a set of components
  • Can have manifest file representing component configuration
  • One or more modules make an application.
  • Technically, a package can be termed as a module.
  • There is something called as module oriented programming as well. This is more so talked with OSGi modules.

Let’s see what can be defined as a component?

  • A class can be termed as a component.
  • One or more components make up a module.
  • A component should serve with one functionality.

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