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5 Reasons Why Every Developer Must Adopt Dockers

This blog represents some of the key reasons why every developer must consider adopting for development. 1. Setup clean Dev environment within no time. Many a time, while developing, we end up changing configuration. Installing new libraries etc. With this act, the Dev environment deviates to a new state which may be different from expected QA and Production environment. With Dockers, one could rather update the image and create new containers in case new libraries need to be installed. 2. Setup Dev environment within minutes. As a matter of fact, developers could actually recreate the Dev environment every morning before starting his work. This ensures that he maintains the state …

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Dockers – Top 5 Use Cases for Dockers Adoption

This blog represents top 5 use cases why IT enterprises (product & software-service vendors) should consider adopting Dockers in their SDLC. 1. Quicker Developer Onboarding into Projects: We all are aware of development environment setup related issues when taking about developers on boarding. In my recent experience, I almost spent a week to get manually setup for a recently started project comprising of just 3-4 members. I had to refer to couple of documents which was last updated few weeks back and thus was not up to date. This led to productivity loss. In my earlier experience, I saw the usage of VMs images for developer onboarding. This worked very …

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Docker – How to SSH to Running Container

This article represents instructions on how you could get a docker container connect with other docker container using SSH. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos. Following are the key points described later in this article: Instructions to Install SSH Techniques to Enable SSH on the Existing Container Techniques to SSH to Running Container Instructions to Install SSH If you already have a running container, and you would like to put SSH on it and allow other docker container to connect via SSH, following is a set of instructions to install SSH: ## ## Install the openssh-server …

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