5 Reasons Why Every Developer Must Adopt Dockers

This blog represents some of the key reasons why every developer must consider adopting for development.

1. Setup clean Dev environment within no time. Many a time, while developing, we end up changing configuration. Installing new libraries etc. With this act, the Dev environment deviates to a new state which may be different from expected QA and Production environment. With Dockers, one could rather update the image and create new containers in case new libraries need to be installed.

2. Setup Dev environment within minutes. As a matter of fact, developers could actually recreate the Dev environment every morning before starting his work. This ensures that he maintains the state of Dev environment same as that of QA and Production.

3. Take your Dev environment with you. This one is my favorite. At times, I work on some project in office desktop and wanted to continue my work after I reached home. However, it used to be cumbersome as it has always been challenging to have the Dev environment same in different boxes. With Docker, I could simply check-in the code while leaving the office and create a Dev environment in no time after I reach home and continue with my work.

4. Achieve greater predictability for your application stability from Dev to QA to Production environment: Developer could run production-like environment on his laptop and test his app appropriately. With Dockers, one complaining that the app works on his or QA machine and didn’t work on production, is losing its relevance.

5. Add infrastructure components in fast and easy manner

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