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Logging Tips/Best Practices for Newbies

When starting the career of application developer in IT with one or more programming languages, one thing which is kept on back burner and kept for really long is logging. In fact, when I started my career as a programmer, when I realized that I wanted to know about what to log and what not to log, it was almost 4 years or so. This was my involvement in learning nitty-gritties of programming language itself, and not paying enough attention to logging at all. And, when I learnt most of it all, I realized how much value I added to programming by logging appropriate stuff in log files which was …

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Top 6 things to Avoid Logging

Following are some of the things you may not want to write in the log file or write in masked form: Passwords (goes without saying) Database connection strings Encryption keys/access tokens Sensitive personal data Session identification value (must be masked) File Paths (consider masking)

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