Neural Networks Interview Questions – Set 2


This quiz represents practice test on artificial neural networks. These questions and answers can be as well used for your upcoming interviews for the position of machine learning engineer or data scientist. These questions can prove to be very useful for testing your neural networks knowledge from time-to-time. Also, these will be useful for interns / freshers / beginners of machine learning / data science.

The topics covered in this practice test are following:

  • Introduction to different types of neural networks such as Radial Basis Network, Recurrent neural network etc.
  • Difference between multilayer perceptron (MLP) and Radial basis function network

Practice Test on Neural Networks

Neural network can be used for solving which of the following types of problems?

Each neuron in a multilayer perceptron network takes __________ of its input values

Which of the following is a feedforward neural network?

LSTM neural network is related to which of the following?

Hopfield network is a form of which of the following?

Which of the following uses Gaussian activation function?

Which of the following is not related with Recurrent neural network?

Radial Basis Function network uses ____________ between inputs and weights?

Which of the following network is stochastic Recurrent NN?

Which of the following type of neural network can be used for unsupervised learning?

Which of the following is best suited for solving image related problems?

Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh has been recently working in the area of AI and machine learning. Currently, his research area includes Safe & Quality AI. In addition, he is also passionate about various different technologies including programming languages such as Java/JEE, Javascript and technologies such as Blockchain, mobile computing, cloud-native technologies, application security, cloud computing platforms, big data etc.

He has also authored the book, Building Web Apps with Spring 5 and Angular.
Ajitesh Kumar

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