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This quiz is sponsored by, a leading data scienceĀ / machine learning training/consultancy provider (classroom coachingĀ / online courses) based out of Hyderabad, India. Contact DeepAlgorithms to know details about their upcoming classroom/online training sessions. These questions can as well be used for checking/testing your for knowledge on data science for upcoming interviews. Following are some of the topics which are covered as part of this quiz:

  • Classification
  • Decision trees
  • Ensemble model
  • SVM
  • KNN

In Classification Model, Which Technique can help you to choose a threshold that balance sensitivity and specificity

In Decision Tree, by comparing the impurity across all possible splits in all possible Predictors, the next split is choosen. How we can measure the Impurity ?

How we can avoid the overfitting in Decision Tree

Predictive Errors are due to

Random Forest Modeling (Ensemble Modeling) uses

Gradient Boosting (Ensemble Modeling) uses

Support Vector Machines are based on the concept of decision planes that define decision boundaries. Which technique used to identify the right hyperplances

Which one is NOT used as a Kernel in Support Vector Machine Modeling

To Identify the similar(neighbouring) records, K-Nearest Neighbous uses which distance metrics

Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh Kumar

Ajitesh has been recently working in the area of AI and machine learning. Currently, his research area includes Safe & Quality AI. In addition, he is also passionate about various different technologies including programming languages such as Java/JEE, Javascript and technologies such as Blockchain, mobile computing, cloud-native technologies, application security, cloud computing platforms, big data etc.

He has also authored the book, Building Web Apps with Spring 5 and Angular.
Ajitesh Kumar

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