Deep Algorithms

DeepAlgorithms” is a venture launched by highly qualified and globally experienced professionals with focus on Research & Development on Deep Technologies. Our focus is to develop innovative products, provide consulting services to drive today’s business needs.

Our goal also includes creating highly skilled resources through Industry/market focused training programs on advanced and emerging technologies such as cloud computing, IOT, Big Data etc.

Our Training Programs

The following is the list of training programs that we are currently providing:

  • Foundation Data Science (50 hours)
    • Introduction to machine learning concepts and related examples
  • Advanced Data Science (45 hours)
    • Deep learning (Tensorflow, Keras) and NLP/Text Mining concepts (NLTK, spaCy, Gensim, DL)
  • Big Data Analytics (45 hours)
    • Big data technologies (Spark MLlib, Hive, Sqoop etc).

Take our Data Science Quizzes

Machine Learning (Regression) Quiz Machine Learning (Decision Trees, SVM) Quiz


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