Get Started with Julia – Hello World

julia setup and installation - hello world

In this post, you will learn about instructions to set up Julia and getting started with Julia using Anaconda / Jupyter Notebook with information on learning resources in relation to Data Sciences / Machine Learning

Download & Setup Julia

First and foremost, let’s get set up / install Julia. Go to the Julia download page and download the install package based on your operating system. I downloaded the dmg file for Mac, double clicked on the dmg file and installed the Julia. The installation was pretty easy.  

Double-click on Julia application or execute Julia command and it starts an interactive session (terminal) also known as REPL session. The simplest way to learn Julia is through interactive session. Get started with creating a variable named as greetings = “Hello World”. Here is the screenshot:

Julia Hello Word
Fig 1. Julia Hello Word

Setup Julia for Jupyter Notebook

Here are the commands for you to get started with Julia using Jupyter Notebook. It is assumed that you have already installed Anaconda.

Execute the following command in Julia REPL / interactive session window.

using Pkg

Here is how the execution will look like:

Julia setup in Jupyter Notebook
Fig 2. Julia setup in Jupyter Notebook

Once done, launch the Jupyter Notebook from Anaconda window. This will open up Jupyter in browser. Click on New in top-right (as hown in the figure given below) and you will find Julia and Python. Click on Julia related option and you are good to go.

Open Julia Jupyter Notebook
Fig 3. Open Julia Jupyter Notebook

Get started with Julia Hello World in Jupyter Notebook as shown in the below screenshot.

Julia Hello World with Julia Jupyter Notebook
Fig 4. Julia Hello World with Julia Jupyter Notebook

Julia Learning Resources

You could get started on Julia by taking up free courses available on in relation to data sciences / machine learning

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