Java – How to Migrate from JRockit to HotSpot JVM

This article represents information on migration from JRockit to HotSpot JVM. Recently, the migration guide from JRockit JVM to HotSpot JVM has been published. The information about the same can be found on this page. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.

The detailed information could be found on this page. Following are top 5 areas where changes need to be made for migrating from JRockit JVM to HotSpot JVM.

  1. Tuning garbage collection. One could also access HotSpot GC tuning guide on following page.
  2. Java runtime options
  3. Java compilation optimization
  4. Logging: There are parameters related to verbose logging which needs to be tweaked. Additionally, there are HotSpot logging options including -Xloggc and -XX:<options> which can be used.
  5. Command line options also need to be tweaked

Following are some of the issues which could arise due to migration. The solutions could be found on following page.

  • Performance degradation after migrating to JDK7
  • Increased locking/unlocking events observed after switching to HotSpot.
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