JArchitect Version 4.0 on Mac OSX is GA for Download

Version 4.0 of JArchitect on Mac OSX is now available for anyone wishing to download and try it.

JArchitect manage complex code base and achieve high Code Quality. With JArchitect, software quality can be measured using Code Metrics, visualized using Graphs and Treemaps, and enforced using standard and custom Rules via CQLinq queries.

Features in JArchitect v4.0 include:

  • A dashboard panel that shows the state of the current code base at a glance as well as a comparison to a baseline.
  • Monitoring trends on 50 default “Trend Metrics” as well as custom trend metrics. These can be displayed through Trend Charts.
  • Focus on recent rules violations (by using filters) that occur on code elements added or re-factored since a baseline.
  • Listing rules and queries according to common criteria, and quickly listing all violated rules.
  • Major UI enhancements and modernized menu organization.
  • Meaningful reports include trend metrics charts and more information.
  • Combine between many useful java tools like PMD, CheckStyle, FindBugs and CPD

Two editions are available:

  • Developer Edition: This edition is the one you’d most likely use day to day to check on how your code is doing and to be able to target any areas that you can see could do with some attention.
  • Build Machine Edition: If you have a Continuous Integration server then you can enhance it with this edition that will allow you to generate reports from JArchitect in your build process on the quality of the code when compared with the metrics you’ve defined.

Open Source licenses are available free to non-commercial open source software development projects. For more details, please refer to the Open Source project license terms.

For more information and a 14 day free trial refer to the JArchitect website.

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