ISO/IEC Standards for Software Quality Compliance

What are various different ISO/IEC standards related with software quality compliance?

ISO/IEC have published a set of standards useful for Software QUAlity Requirements and Evaluation also termed as SQUARE. SQuaRE is a series of International Standards (25000-25099) edited by the ISO/IEC organisation and related to Systems and Software Quality.

Following are different ISO/IEC standards under SQUARE umbrella:

  • ISO/IEC 25000 — Guide to SQuaRE
  • ISO/IEC 25001 — Planning and management
  • ISO/IEC 25010 — System and software quality models
  • ISO/IEC 25012 — Data quality model
  • ISO/IEC 25020 — Measurement reference model and guide
  • ISO/IEC 25021 — Quality measure elements
  • ISO/IEC 25030 — Quality requirements
  • ISO/IEC 25040 — Evaluation process
  • ISO/IEC 25045 — Evaluation module for recoverability
  • ISO/IEC 25051 — Requirements for quality of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software product and instructions for testing
  • ISO/IEC 25060 — Common Industry Format (CIF) for usability: General framework for usability-related information
  • ISO/IEC 25062 — Common Industry Format (CIF) for usability test reports

They are meant to replace older standards addressing the same topics, mainly (but not only) ISO/IEC 9126 and ISO/IEC 14598.

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