How to Address Application Performance in Agile Scrum Teams

application performance in agile scrum teams

Given the nature SCRUM, two quality characteristics that takes back seat and considered as implicit are performance and security. I shall discuss the approach on how to address application performance while working with agile SCRUM teams.

Before I go and list down the tips and techniques, let’s understand some of the constraints:

  • Not all developers working in SCRUM teams are very familiar with application performance aspects
  • It may get difficult to do performance testing at the end of each sprint.
  • It may get difficult to articulate performance related user stories in each sprint.

Given above constraints, it becomes much more important to address performance related issues in SCRUM model. Following is a proposed model which I have found to work and take care of application performance issues on ongoing basis:

  • Create a centralized performance team consisting of appropriate number of performance engineers/testers.
  • Have the performance team work on SCRUM model where performance related stories such as performance testing are entered in their sprint backlogs by different SCRUM teams.
  • The performance stories such as performance testing can be dealt during integration testing phase or so after all the sprints are done and the release readiness is going on.
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