Different Kind of Architects

Are you one of them who get confused about what are different kind of architects? If yes, keep reading!

Following are different kind of architects:

  • Solution Architect: They are the people who architect business solutions to solve a set of business problems. They need to have in-depth knowledge about business in general. They also need to be very much aware of functioning of different strategic business units (SBU) in order to architect integrated solutions that may cut across different SBUs to solve the particular problem. They deal with business processes while working on the solution and a descriptive business process diagram is one of their key deliverables. They may be required to deliver various different views on business architecture diagrams.
  • Application architect: They are the guys who are very much aware of application landscape. Their key responsibilities include awareness of various different applications pertaining to the business unit they work with. That said, they tend to understand key functionalities being served by the applications vis-a-vis association with one or more business processes. They work with solution architect and technology architects on regular basis.
  • Technology architect: These are the guys who are more concerned with implementation of appropriate technologies to achieve functional and non-functional requirements for application development. They also deal with networking view of application environment setup.
  • Data architect: They primarily deal with the data modelling and design. They work with all of the above architects for one or the other reasons. They are also termed as “Information Architect” by many companies.
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