Data Science – Top 5 Videos to Get Started with Neural Networks

This article represents some good youtube videos that I found useful to get started with understanding how brain works and what is neural networks. Note that I needed to do this as I wanted to get started with machine learning and neural network algorithm. In order to do that effectively, I needed to understand what are neural networks and videos below helped me get started within an hour. Please feel free to suggest other great videos which I may have missed. Sorry for the typos.


From Neurons to Networks

I would rate it as the one of the best videos I saw on how human brain works. MUST watch!!! It beautifully relates human brain with internet and talks about what should be done to strengthen different parts of ourselves.


Artifical Intelligence – Ted Talk

This is a great video that represents some real good visualizations on how brain works. It is however a talk (on TedTalk). I would recommend it as a MUST for those who are starting on neural networks.


Introduction to Neural Networks

This video beautifully represents neural networks including aspects of how do computer learns, errors & related adjustment (backpropagation technique), calculation of new weights based on old weights etc.


Introduction to Artifical Networks

This one is a good video from the perspective of understanding what is neural network. It demonstrates back propagation technique used in neural networks.


MIT Courseware: Neural Networks, back Propagation

This video represents academic perspective on neural networks including definition on what are neurons, axons etc.


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