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Let’s Save Them for our Kids & Their Kids

Save Water

Today, on Sunday, I had to visit the school in which my elder one is studying in class III. She got to write an ABACUS test. I had to wait outside her classroom for an hour so.  This is when I decided to check the school noticeboard where I found some interesting good paintings on saving water and energy. Thought to capture some of them and share with you.

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How to estimate effort for unit testing?

Is that a right question to ask at all during effort estimation stage? When taking workshop with software developers involved SCRUM methodology, I came across some of the following answers in relation with effort estimation vis-a-vis unit testing: No task was created for unit tests and hence, no effort was estimated. Thus, we didn’t write any unit tests. We had to deliver and we were running short of time; hence, we skipped unit testing? There are effort estimation done for functional tests by QA engineers; Then, why unit tests? Interestingly, some stakeholders on client end said about of software developers on offshore side not asking for tasks to be estimated …

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