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Software Quality Review – Scribe OAuth Library

Scribe OAuth Library helps you do quick OAuth based integration with some of the following web applications: Google Facebook Twitter LinkedIn and many more. You could find further details on following page on github. Following will present information on different perspectives: Structure   Maintainability The duplication percentage isn’t very high. Duplication is one of the key criteria that reflects on the maintainability of the code. Higher the duplication, difficult is the code to maintain. Duplication is also considered as one of the code smells. Also, due to unavailability of unit tests in the source code bundle, I could not find the test coverage. Otherwise, test coverage depicts the testability of …

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Software Quality Review: JActor

Overall Software Quality Rating: High (from Maintainability & Usability perspective) We reviewed JActor ( ) in our software quality lab. Following is the overall structure of the software: The evaluation was done using manual and automated techniques. We were able to get findings related with following software quality characteristics: Maintainability: As per the available data, this has been measured in terms of duplications, and rules compliance. Ideally, test coverage would also have helped to determine the testability of the code. Our rating: High Maintainability Refer to the data below retrieved from Sonar code analysis:     Note the duplications value of 0.4%. This is outstanding. Also, there were no blocker …

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