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This article represents quick information on free Hadoop online on-demand training that has been announced yesterday by MapR Technologies, the Hadoop distribution specialist. I took Hadoop Essentials course and I must say that I liked the training session. The downside of these training sessions is that you would soon hit MapR related technologies in relation with MapReduce, HBase, HDFS. However, that said, its worth giving a shot. Please feel free to comment/suggest if I missed to mention one or more important points. Also, sorry for the typos.


Training Courses for Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Administrator & Data Analyst

The training includes topics related with a range of Hadoop technologies for developers, data analysts and administrators. Following is quick summary of training topics for different classes of trainees:

  • Developer: Following topics (FREE) are covered for developers:
    • Hadoop Essentials
    • Developing Hadoop Applications

    One could then a couple of certification exams (this is NOT FREE) such as following to measure and validate their technical understanding on above topics:

    • MapR Certified Hadoop Developer
    • MapR Certified HBase Developer
  • Administrator: Following are different training courses (FREE) for Hadoop administrator:
    • Hadoop Essentials
    • Hadoop Operations: Cluster Administration

    Then, there is a certification exam (NOT FREE) such as following to validate your understanding of Hadoop administration.

    • MapR Certified Hadoop Administrator
  • Data Analyst: Data analyst could take FREE course on Hadoop Essentials.

You could get started with one of the above training by visiting this training details page.


You would be required to register yourself for training. As you click Register link, you would be taken to registration page. Once registered and confirmed your registration, you could access training page by clicking on this link.
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