Atlassian Confluence-JIRA Integration to Strengthen Agile Portfolio

atlassian jira confluence integration

Earlier this week, Enterprise software toolmaker Atlassian announced tighter integration between its JIRA issue tracking application and its Confluence team collaboration platform. With this move, they have further strengthened their agile portfolio. Following is the list of software in their agile portfolio:

  • Confluence: Confluence pages are used to maintain requirements (stories), technical specs, design guidelines, etc. Confluence pages are linked with JIRA thus linking requirements/technical specs to stories.
  • JIRA: JIRA is used to maintain epics/stories and issues. There are several blueprints in JIRA created to manage status reports, retrospective meetings etc. The new JIRA Report Blueprint allows development teams to create an ad-hoc status report or a change log in Confluence. The new Retrospective Blueprint gives scrum masters, for example, an easy way to kick-off a retrospective in Confluence with one click in the JIRA Agile add-on.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is used as continuous integration server (CIS).
  • Distributed Version Control System (DVCS): Following are different tools used as DVCS:
    • Stash: Stash is an an on-premise distributed version control systems (DVCSs) for enterprise teams.
    • Bitbucket: Bitbucket is a cloud-based DVCS hosting service.
    • Sourcetree: Sourcetree is a desktop client for the Git and Mercurial DVCSs.
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