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This blog represents concepts and commands which would help you setup development environment to build Angular apps.

Introduction to Angular CLI

Angular CLI is a command line interface for Angular. With Angular CLI commands, the following are some of the key functionality which can be achieved using Angular CLI commands:

  • Create an application that follows best practices recommended by Angular. ng new command is used.
  • Test the app locally as you develop. ng serve is used.

Greater details can be found on this page, Angular CLI. The documentation in relation with Angular CLI can be found on this page, Angular CLI Documentation.

Install the Angular CLI

The following command can be used to set up Angular CLI. The command is applicable for unix systems:

sudo npm install -g @angular/cli

sudo is used for administrator privilege.

Create Your Angular App

The following command can be used to create your Angular app:

ng new tutosphere

The above command will create an app, namely, tutosphere. Following screenshot represents the command execution.

Angular Create New App

Figure 1. Create New Angular App

Note that a folder with app name will be created. In present case, a folder with name, tutosphere, will be created.

Run the App Locally

Finally, test the app by running it locally using the following command:

ng serve --open

Above would deploy the app on node server, and, the same can be accessed in browser at URL such as http://localhost:4200. Following is the screenshot of the page accessible at URL such as http://localhost:4200

First Angular App

Figure 2. First Angular App

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