Andrew NG Machine Learning Coursera Videos

In this post, you will get to know the list of Andrew NG Machine Learning Coursera Videos. Here is the information:

  • Youtube playlist of machine learning videos which are same as that of Andrew NG machine learning course on Coursera. One could use Internet Download Manager (IDM) to download these videos.
  • Use Coursera-dl script found on Github to download the machine learning course. The script makes it easier to batch download lecture resources (e.g., videos, ppt, etc) for Coursera classes. Given one or more class names and account credentials, it obtains week and class names from the lectures page, and then downloads the related materials into appropriately named files and directories.
  • Use AcademicTorrents website to download Stanford Andrew NG machine learning videos.
  • Use Chrome browser extension, Downloadthemmall, to download the videos
  • Install Coursera App on your mobile device and download all of the machine learning videos
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