Top 5 Cool Things with New Google Spread Sheets

Following are top 5 cool things that you could do with most recent release of Google spreadsheets:

  1. On-the-go formula applied on any column with “=”: Tried formula such as =sum(100,120,200) and pressed enter. And, I got 420 in no time. Take a look at the diagram below.

    Formula representing Sum

    Formula representing Sum

    Some of the formulae that could prove handy when you are working with numbers are following:

    SUM or ADD

  2. Filter Views: With filter views function, one couldĀ view and analyze data by hiding the data that one wants to temporarily take out of view. With this feature, oneĀ could save multiple filter views as unique names to return to and share with others viewing your spreadsheet.


  3. Millions of Cells to Work With: New Google sheets allow one to work with millions of cells (horizontally & vertically) with great speed.
  4. New Functions: There are 20 new functions that have been added to the google sheets such as AverageIFS etc.
  5. Working Offline: One could work offline with google sheets which get synced when you come online.
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