Top 10 Interview Questions for Tech-Lead or Senior Developers

tech lead interview questions
This article represents top 10 tricky coding-related questions for those who are appearing for the position of senior developers, tech-lead or junior architect. Recently, I have been interviewing several candidates for the position of tech-lead. Thought to list down some of them for the readers. Please feel free to suggest additional questions if you come across any.


  1. Name top 5 code smells that you came across while reviewing code of your team members?
  2. Name top 5 code refactoring techniques that you suggest to your team to keep it handy when writing code?
  3. What is difference between code usability and code re-usability?
  4. How do you determine whethar a code can be termed as a complex code?
  5. Name top 2-3 challenges you faced while trying to refactor an existing codebase?
  6. It is difficult to achieve high code coverage of a long method? True or false? Support your answer.
  7. Name top 2 or 3 non-functional requirements that you pay attention to when analyzing the software requirements, in general?
  8. How do you determine whethar a code is a good code or a bad code?
  9. A high cohesive code has a high re-usability. True or false? Support your answer.
  10. Name top 5 object-oriented principles you suggest your team to be aware of, in order to write a better code?
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