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Dummies Notes – How to Setup Oracle Data Guard

This article represents instructions which could be used to set up oracle data guard on a primary and one or more physical standby database. The article presumes that you have a basic understanding of what is Oracle Data guard and why it needs to be set up. Following are key aspects which are discussed later in this article: Primary Database Setup Physical Standby Database Setup Following is details on primary and physical standby database setup: Primary Database Setup: Configure the primary database appropriately including doing some of the following: Enable force logging Alter the database parameters such as following. This is one time activity and does not needed to be …

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How to Install Oracle 11g (EE) on Docker

This article represents instructions on how to install & configure Oracle 11g Database (Enterprise Edition) on Docker. Well, I could have lived with installing Oracle 11g express edition, had I have the requirement of testing my application with Oracle database for single user. The primary reason for installing Oracle enterprise edition was to test the high availability using Oracle Data Guard solution. As we may knowing that Oracle Data Guard does not come with Oracle XE Database, thus, it becomes mandatory to work with Oracle EE Database edition which comes bundled with Data Guard solution. The primary challenge in installing Oracle EE database on Docker is the disk space problem …

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