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Hello World with KendoUI & AngularJS – Code Example

KendoUI AngularJS

This article presents code samples and related concepts for what would it take for someone to get started with KendoUI and AngularJS. The code below is demonstrated on this page, http://hello-angularjs.appspot.com/kendoui-helloworld. Following will be discussed in this article: Key CSS/JS libraries from KendoUI and AngularJS AngularJS Code Representing Inclusion of Kendo.Directives Module Take away code to get started quickly   Key CSS/JS KendoUI & AngularJS Libraries Following are important CSS/JS libraries that need to be included: kendo.common.min.css: This is KendoUI common CSS file that gets used across different themes. kendo.default.min.css (Web Themes): This represents default web theme for KendoUI. One could use some of the following available themes. All that …

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