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Blockchain – Top 5 Cool Links for Hyperledger Framework

Following are some of the cool links in relation with Hyperledger framework (Open-source permissioned blockchain framework) you would want to bookmark. These pages represent help docs, use cases, step-by-step instructions to create the first blockchain, issues etc. Hyperledger Mailing List Hyperledger Jira Hyperledger Fabric Docs Step-by-step process of bootstrapping Hyperledger fabric network and invoking a transaction Hyperledger use cases

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Blockchain – Transaction Journey into A Hyperledger Blockchain Network

This blog represents details on key types of components or building blocks of Hyperledger Blockchain Network and discusses details on the journey of transaction in the blockchain network. It also highlights the steps including diagrams on workflow/process flow related with endorse and commit transactions. Types of Hyperledger Components There are three types of components, each of them performing different functions, in Hyperledger. Node joining the Hyperledger Blockchain network will be free to take up one or more functions. Following represents these three classes of components: Endorsers: Nodes with “Endorser” functionality will simulate and sign or reject the transactions. A peer can be potentially an endorser for the chaincodes deployed to …

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