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Cordova Hello World with AngularJS & Bootstrap

The article presents a quick code sample to get started with Cordova or PhoneGap and AngularJS and Bootstrap CSS framework.Interesting thing to note is that the development can be be same as if you are developing an AngularJS & Bootstrap Web app. This is inline with PhoneGap or Cordova being used to create a Hybrid mobile app. Following are simple steps to get started: Create a HelloWorld app with Cordova or Phonegap. Take a look at our previous article on how to get started with Cordova Hello World app. Once setup, what you have got is www/index.html where you could put your Bootstrap CSS path and AngularJS path. As like …

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Cordova Hello World with Android & Eclipse IDE

This article is aimed to get you started with Cordova, an open-source mobile development framework, with Eclipse IDE and write your first Android app, Hello World. Read about what is Cordova, how & who should use it on this page. Following will be detailed in this article: Why Cordova? Setup Cordova with Android Create Cordova Hello World App with command-line interface (CLI) Setup Cordova Hello World App into Eclipse Why Cordova? Following are some of the reasons why you would want to use Apache Cordova mobile app development framework. Well, following can be same for other Mobile development framework such as Titanium. If you are a web developer and want …

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